The inspiration to my final project started with my horrible memory and a bracelet I loved and already owned. I wanted to take advantage of the different strands in the style of the bracelet to make light up LED beads that make it easier to keep track of short lists of simple tasks.

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the process involved drilling LEDs (and burning some) into plastic beads and coiling the ends to be able to wrap conductive thread around the ends of the LED. Then I used plastic beads to insulate the conductive thread.


Here is a video of the final iteration for the scope of this project.

As far as future iterations I would love to have another aspect such as sound or a mobile app that assists in remembering what the tasks on your list were besides just light and color memory. Overall though I truly enjoyed learning new ways to display LEDs and to creatively work with conductive thread.

I was started from trying to use simple structure to make something cool. Actually I changed my idea a lot. I got the inspiration from deployable paper structures.fold Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 下午7.56.46

The first prototype is a hat. I tried to use the structure as a hat which can move automatically when it touches water.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 上午8.47.03

Fashion Hat

Then I started to think about how to make simplicity design by using this structures. Finally, it becomes a lamp by making full use of the structure both as switches and the structure of lamp. And this lamp only takes a little place. people can turn on and turn off it just by playing with the structures.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 上午8.47.13

My concept is for kids to experience a different way through learning by creating a set of interactive displays that teaches kids the three main stages of a butterfly. The idea is to enjoy the beauty of traditional printed books along with an elegant display that incorporates hand drawn illustrations and butterfly textures that lights up. I hope to push the interactions even further by having kids be able to touch the butterfly itself so they are able to interact with the physical element that they are learning about.


For this project I used simple switches using materials such as copper tape, 3v batteries, solder, conductive thread, paperclip, double sided tape, flat head leds(so there is no hotspots) and magnets. Below is the overall idea of how the circuits were build this is NOT THE ACTUAL CIRCUIT.


Some of my process videos

final video

This is a great reference website 🙂

symbioteIMG_0097Concept : My concept is inspired by infamous character from the amazing Spiderman comic “Venom” where the custom have a live of it own. The pice act as extension of the body which would acknowledge and respond to other people’ approaches.

Project : I designed that the pice would look like a muscle, in this case, its composed with cable ties, ninon and pull by servo which would trigger by capacitive sensor .



Presentation PDF : Soft circuits

Video clip :

Concept : I know many people that are making music or rhythms by tapping fingers on surfaces. So, my idea evolved from this. As Christmas is coming and singing carols is a way to spread joy during that time, I wanted to create a tool that would add music to the singing.

Project : As such, I decided to make ‘fingertip musical note gloves’ for my final project using conductive thread and fabric as switches along with the gloves, speakers and Arduino.

I sewed circuits using conductive thread on the gloves and shaped patches I made using conductive fabric on the tip of each finger. My thumb is connected to the Power and my other fingers are connected with Analog pins on the Arduino. If my right and left hands play at the same time, it can create a harmony.

Photo :

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Presentation: soft_circuits_ironman

Concept: We wanted to create superhero gloves with technological gloves that can be worn everyday.

Project: For this iteration we focused on Iron Man. The circuit was built onto felt before we used interfacing to attach the maroon fabric on top. We used velostat to create pressure sensors. Tilting your wrist back makes the light on your palm brighter. Squeezing your fist makes a yellow line light up on your wrist. This last bit was added to make a reference to the iron man suits in the new upcoming movie where golden is more prominent than red.


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JN sound earrings

Download PDF